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Robert V. Glaser

Fox Photo Revolutionizes Picture Development

Working with a talented array of individuals on distinct transactions, Robert V. Glaser was among the team members who spearheaded many successful investments. Among these investments was the American chain of photo stores known as Fox Photo Inc. Before it became successful, Fox Photo had humble beginnings as a small San Antonio-based studio run by an individual named Arthur C. Fox. The studio switched hands when it was purchased by a man named Carl Newton in the 1900s for just $700. Around this time, amateur photography was still in its infancy and was just starting to develop in popularity. In… Read More

Tiffany and Co. Shines Like A Diamond

Tiffany and Co. rose to fame through its beautiful jewelry and stylish accessories. They caught the eye of the partners at the investment firm Investcorp. Robert Glaser served on the corporate board of directors for Investcorp, and he was part of the team that headed the investment in Tiffany and Co. They made a great decision – Tiffany and Co. was Investcorp’s first and most profitable investment. Tiffany and Co.'s famous jewelry and sense of style was the reason why. Funnily enough, Tiffany and Co. started as a stationary store in 1837. Charles Tiffany, one of the founders, decided to… Read More

The Growth of Gucci’s Luxury Brand

Gucci is one of the most well-known fashion brands on the planet, and their styles can be found all over the world. The Gucci brand is 97 years strong and one of the most popular manufacturers of clothing, purses, shoes, and other products. Gucci was founded in 1921, by Guccio Gucci. He was impressed by the luxury leather suitcases he saw in Paris, so when he returned to Florence he began establishing a shop that sold high-end leather goods. Before long, the company had stores in Milan and Rome. The early Gucci stores sold handbags, loafers, knitwear, and silks. They… Read More

Bertram Yacht: The Innovator of the Seas

Richard Bertram is a yacht racer, broker, and also the man who gave Bertram Yachts its name. The company’s history goes back several decades into the year 1960. It was during this year when, during a Miami - Nassau Race, the Moppie yacht obliterated its competitors and made a strong case for the Bertram Yacht name. The company would further expand its fleet of forward-thinking high-end yachts as the decade progressed, also debuting the Bertram 35 and Bertram 28. During the following decade, Bertram was riding high on its success, including being named the Queen of The New York Boat… Read More

The Major Growth of Burnham Service Corporation

In 1921, L.R. Burnham founded his namesake Burnham Service Corporation in Columbus, Georgia. It has the distinction of being among the first in the country to receive Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) certificates, a feat it proudly achieved in the early 1930s. The 1940s saw Burnham grow into Burnham Warehouses, Inc. and Burnham World Forwarders, the latter serving as the international arm. This growth continued into the 1960s. By the time the 1970s were coming to an end, Burnham was raking in $10 million in revenue and was overseeing over fifty branches. In regards to is international efforts, Burnham dipped its… Read More

The Massive Success of Fox Photo

Arthur C. Fox began Fox Photo as a small studio based in San Antonio, Texas. The studio would end up being purchased by a Canadian individual named Carl Newton for just $700 in the 1900s. During this period, amateur photography was still in its infancy and was only beginning to show broader adoption. Fast forward to the 1920s, and Newton’s $700 investment would grow exponentially, becoming one of the world’s largest mail order photofinishing businesses. Fox Photo was acquired and also ended up merging a few times and was renamed to Fox-Stanley Photo Products, Inc. in the 1960s. Besides the… Read More

The Department Store Chain of Peebles

Since 2003, the department store chain Peebles has remained under the ownership of Stage Stores. Stage Stores has at one time or another worked with brand name apparel, accessories, cosmetics, footwear, and housewares, all of which are sold in its stores located in various parts of the United States. In regards to Peebles, the majority of the stores it operates are found within the upper-midwestern and eastern areas of the country. Alabama, New York, North Carolina, Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois are a few of the states where you’re likely to find a Peebles store open for business. After undergoing… Read More

The Rise of Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue is named after Andrew Saks, a businessman who founded the company in 1898. During its early days, it was going by the name of Saks & Company after being incorporated in New York in the early 1900s. After Andrew Saks passed away, Saks & Co. eventually ended up merging with an American department store called Gimbel Brothers, Inc. The store was owned by a man named Bernard Gimbel who was related to Horace Saks. Collectively, Gimbel and Saks were responsible for launching what we now know today as New York City’s Saks Fifth Avenue, on September 15,… Read More

The Rich History of Tiffany & Co

Commonly known by its informal name of Tiffany's, Tiffany & Co. is a high-end jewelry and specialty retailer which, in 1837, was founded by John B. Young and Charles Lewis Tiffany. During its early days, the company was called Tiffany, Young, and Ellis and identified itself as a "stationery and fancy goods emporium" where, as you might guess, its products did, in fact, consist of various stationery items. It was in 1853 that the company finally tweaked its name to the now famous Tiffany & Company and concentrated its efforts on jewelry. In the 1830s, Tiffany quickly distinguished itself by… Read More

The Italian Luxury Yachts of Riva

Working alongside various partners on a multitude of transactions, Robert V. Glaser had a role as a member of one of the teams responsible for notable investments, one of these investments being the Italian luxury yacht manufacturer Riva. The history of Riva dates all the way back to the 1800s when its first boatyard was established in 1842 in Italy. Interestingly, a freak storm would end up damaging a number of local boats, spurring young shipbuilder Pietro Riva to repair the majority of the boats. With his actions, the Riva name would soon become a highly respected one. As the… Read More