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A history of excellence


Prime equipment, a heavy equipment rental company servicing the construction and oil industry sectors

Boat manufacturing companies including: Bertram Yachts, Trojan Yachts & Riva Yachts

Tiffanys & Co., Avon’s famous jewelry firm, proved to be Investcorp’s first and most lucrative corporate investment.

Robert V. Glaser’s knowledge of banking and private equity is incredibly vast and he continues to refine his expertise in areas such as foreign direct investments, commercial banking, and corporate acquisitions. Glaser has over four decades of experience and he has worked for notable financial institutions including Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A., building fruitful relationships with a broad array of domestic and international clients including restaurants, art galleries, and more.

Glaser’s experience includes his work in the United States as well as his work abroad where he was responsible for managing a multitude of companies based in the Middle East. He is also a founding member of Investcorp, a highly successful investment firm where he spent twelve years raising over $2 billion before establishing MapleWood, another private equity firm. Glaser has been involved in investment transactions in companies such as the world-renowned luxury brands Tiffany & Co., Gucci, and Saks Fifth Avenue, to name a few.

Today, Robert Glaser’s success and expertise has earned him a place on many corporate and non-corporate boards of directors for names like Gucci America Inc., St. Thomas University of Miami, Florida, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, and many more.



During his 40+ year career working in banking and private equity, Robert V. Glaser has distinguished himself with various awards and accolades. With his extensive experience and leadership working at Investcorp and MapleWood, Glaser has served multiple roles and has been an integral role in many successful investments and acquisitions. Additionally, his experience has earned him a non-corporate spot on the board of directors and board of trustees for the Young Arts Foundation and St. Thomas University among many others.