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The Italian Luxury Yachts of Riva

Working alongside various partners on a multitude of transactions, Robert V. Glaser had a role as a member of one of the teams responsible for notable investments, one of these investments being the Italian luxury yacht manufacturer Riva.

The history of Riva dates all the way back to the 1800s when its first boatyard was established in 1842 in Italy. Interestingly, a freak storm would end up damaging a number of local boats, spurring young shipbuilder Pietro Riva to repair the majority of the boats. With his actions, the Riva name would soon become a highly respected one.

As the Riva name grew in respect and importance, Pietro would be succeeded by his son Ernesto Riva, marking his own place in history by introducing internal combustion engines to the upscale Riva line. It wasn’t until Serafino Riva came around that the Riva name became a genuine brand, transitioning from transportation to the then emerging power boating.

After the Ferretti Group acquired Riva in 2000, Riva continued to focus on innovation and upholding the strong values that were established so many years ago at the shipyard in Italy. Today, it boasts a broad range of yachts between 27 and 164 feet in length, which make up fifteen models across a trio of different product segments.

This update is by Robert V. Glaser. Glaser is an industry veteran with decades of experience in banking, private equity, and more. His experience includes his many years working for global manager of alternative investment products Investcorp and he also dedicates his time to various charitable causes including YoungArts Foundation, Chapman Partnership, and more. You can learn more about Robert by visiting the Robert V. Glaser Business or Robert V. Glaser Giving websites.