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Fox Photo Revolutionizes Picture Development

Working with a talented array of individuals on distinct transactions, Robert V. Glaser was among the team members who spearheaded many successful investments. Among these investments was the American chain of photo stores known as Fox Photo Inc.

Before it became successful, Fox Photo had humble beginnings as a small San Antonio-based studio run by an individual named Arthur C. Fox. The studio switched hands when it was purchased by a man named Carl Newton in the 1900s for just $700. Around this time, amateur photography was still in its infancy and was just starting to develop in popularity. In the 1920s, Newton’s $700 investment would prove to be incredibly successful, eventually earning the title of world’s largest mail order photofinishing business.

Fox Photo switched hands several times and merged with other companies, eventually undergoing a name change: Fox-Stanley Photo Products, Inc. in the 1960s. Besides its successful retail operations, it also operated a number of photofinishing plants for several retailers in the United States that today are household names: Walgreens, Walmart, and Target. The one-hour photo processing booths enjoyed tremendous success during their heyday, and they solidified their iconic status after appearing in the science fiction classic Back to the Future.

This update is by Robert V. Glaser. Glaser is an industry veteran with decades of experience in banking, private equity, and more. His experience includes his many years working for global manager of alternative investment products Investcorp and he also dedicates his time to various charitable causes including YoungArts Foundation, Chapman Partnership, and more. You can learn more about Robert by visiting the Robert V. Glaser Business or Robert V. Glaser Giving websites.