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Bertram Yacht: The Innovator of the Seas

Richard Bertram is a yacht racer, broker, and also the man who gave Bertram Yachts its name. The company’s history goes back several decades into the year 1960. It was during this year when, during a Miami – Nassau Race, the Moppie yacht obliterated its competitors and made a strong case for the Bertram Yacht name. The company would further expand its fleet of forward-thinking high-end yachts as the decade progressed, also debuting the Bertram 35 and Bertram 28.

During the following decade, Bertram was riding high on its success, including being named the Queen of The New York Boat Show thanks to the prowess of the 46 Convertible. In 1970, Bertram Yacht also achieved another incredible feat: building its 1000th yacht.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Richard Bertram passed away at age 84, though he had left the company he launched in 1964. However, the legacy he left behind spoke for itself. The year 2000 Bertram Yacht continued to reinforce its innovative drive with the debut of the 450, which Boating Magazine deemed the “Boat of the Year”.

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